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The Craft of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
Bean thereā€¦done that:

A joint venture with George Gensler and David Arnold

Whether you are looking to improve your chocolate making ability or just interested in understanding the complexities of how flavor is developed, this series will enhance your enjoyment of chocolate and give you a better understanding of what it takes to end up with a high quality chocolate.  There’s always something to learn and who better to learn the complexities of flavor development from than some of the world’s most talented chocolate professionals, who have “bean there . . . done that!”  We too were curious about the experiences of those with hands on practice so we reached out to them for this collection of ideas, stories and anecdotes that are not only informative but fun to read.

As producers of this project we have been focused on bean-to-bar chocolate makers since 2007 with a goal of promoting the highest standards and innovations of the craft of chocolate.

George Gensler is a permanent member of the Grand Jury for the International Chocolate Awards and a founding member of the Manhattan Chocolate Society.  David Arnold is an independent consultant in the chocolate industry and a founding member of the Manhattan Chocolate Society.