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  • This is a SORTABLE DATABASE. Click any column header to re-sort the entries and organize by each of the column topics.

  • To find the most recently added entries, sort by REF (reference number). The highest REF numbers were the last entries made.

  • New! Ingredients column ("#" = represents the number of ingredients in the chocolate; B = Beans, S = Sugar, S* = Sweetener other than white cane or beet sugar, C = Cocoa Butter, V = Vanilla, L = Lecithin, Sa = Salt)

  • New! Most Memorable Characteristics column is a summary review of the most memorable characteristics of that bar. Terms generally relate to anything from texture, flavor, overall opinion, etc.
Updated on: January 16, 2023

REF Company (Manufacturer) Company Location Review Date Country of Bean Origin Specific Bean Origin or Bar Name Cocoa Percent Ingredients Most Memorable Characteristics Rating
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