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Please feel free to email me for any reason. I'd like to keep accurate information as well as incorporate ideas from fellow chocolate connoisseurs.


Brady Brelinski
Founding Member of the
Manhattan Chocolate Society

Email : bradybrelinski@hotmail.com




For the first time in 2005, after tasting a variety of origin chocolates made from different bean types, I started to see what chocolate really could be.  I owe that inspirational night to Alexandra Leaf for introducing me to the world of high quality chocolate and igniting my passion.

In 2007 I teamed up with Andrea Brelinski, David Arnold, Matt Frederick, George Gensler, Alexandra Leaf, Ivo Turkedjiev and Rumi Turkedjiev to found the Manhattan Chocolate Society.  From 2007-2016 the society has impressively held over 65 focused tastings that examines what is responsible for particular characteristics in chocolate whether they are due to specific growing regions, cacao genetics, manufacturing or some other cause.  Our ability to meet with and support chocolate makers, authors and experts in these intimate tastings has inspired us to continue our mission and makes us a unique member in the chocolate community.
Furthermore, I owe gratitude to the chocolate makers and experts who’ve dedicated a large part of their lives around chocolate and sharing their knowledge.  Special thanks to Maricel Presilla for her support of the Manhattan Chocolate Society and leadership in the world of chocolate. And to Matthew Stevens and Dessert Professional Magazine for ongoing support of the Manhattan Chocolate Society and Flavors of Cacao website.

Many thanks to Adrienne Henson (the Joys of Chocolate) for sharing her passion.  Her distinct role as a personal chocolate shopper has made her a primary source that I often turn to when obtaining many of the chocolates I review on the Flavors of Cacao database.

Finally, without my wife Andrea Brelinski, FlavorsofCacao.com would not exist.  This website belongs to her and it’s with my highest gratitude to her for bringing these ideas to life.  Her technical skills have made this the well designed, user friendly resource it was meant to be.  Thank you Andrea for sharing the passion and continuing the journey for us all!