Our Mission:
The Manhattan Chocolate Society, through research and tastings of fine chocolate, examines what is responsible for particular characteristics in chocolate whether they are due to specific growing regions, cacao genetics, manufacturer or some other cause. We encourage the highest standards in production while supporting innovative and unique styles as well as traditional methods of finished chocolate and items made with chocolate. We seek opportunities to share our knowledge and appreciation with the industry and the public.

About Us:
Beginning in June of 2007, members of the Manhattan Chocolate Society began to meet for the sole purpose of tasting, comparing and discussing the qualities of fine chocolate. Part of the enjoyment for us is the education we receive from each other as well as the chocolate makers, authors, and experts who have been our guests in these intimate tastings.

Our hope is to contribute to the elevation and appreciation by consumers and chocolate makers of the unique flavor possibilities of cacao as presented in fine dark chocolate. We believe we do this by:

  • sharing our knowledge with other consumers

  • expressing to chocolate makers that we, as educated consumers, value makers who are unambiguous in their marketing, operate with transparency, and have an identifiable vision that we believe helps them produce quality chocolate; and

  • acting as a tasting-group model that chocolate lovers everywhere can replicate and customize for their own purposes.

We believe more groups like the Manhattan Chocolate Society would only inspire chocolate makers to produce a higher quality product.