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Flavors of Cacao Rating System:

Rating Scale
4.0 - 5.0   = Outstanding
3.5 - 3.9   = Highly Recommended
3.0 - 3.49 = Recommended
2.0 - 2.9   = Disappointing
1.0 - 1.9   = Unpleasant

*Not all the bars in each range are considered equal, so to show variance from bars in the same range I have assigned .25, .50 or .75.

Each chocolate is evaluated from a combination of both objective qualities and subjective interpretation. A rating here only represents an experience with one bar from one batch. Batch numbers, vintages and review dates are included in the database when known. I would recommend people to try all the chocolate on the database regardless of the rating and experience for themselves.

The database is narrowly focused on plain dark chocolate with an aim of appreciating the flavors of the cacao when made into chocolate. The ratings do not reflect health benefits, social missions, or organic status.

Flavor is the most important component of the Flavors of Cacao ratings. Diversity, balance, intensity and purity of flavors are all considered. It is possible for a straight forward single note chocolate to rate as high as a complex flavor profile that changes throughout. Genetics, terroir, post harvest techniques, processing and storage can all be discussed when considering the flavor component.

Texture has a great impact on the overall experience and it is also possible for texture related issues to impact flavor. It is a good way to evaluate the makers vision, attention to detail and level of proficiency.

Aftermelt is the experience after the chocolate has melted. Higher quality chocolate will linger and be long lasting and enjoyable. Since the aftermelt is the last impression you get from the chocolate, it receives equal importance in the overall rating.

Overall Opinion is really where the ratings reflect a subjective opinion. Ideally it is my evaluation of whether or not the components above worked together and an opinion on the flavor development, character and style. It is also here where each chocolate can usually be summarized by the most prominent impressions that you would remember about each chocolate.

Other Notes- These are topics that may be interesting to discuss but may not necessarily impact the flavor or experience. For example, appearance, snap, packaging, cost etc.

The Flavors of Cacao Journal page below is also provided in a printable PDF format by clicking on the image.

Chocolate Tasting